Luxemburg U20 MC, kalpa tytöt ja pojat

4.12.2021 – 5.12.2021


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46. KUHTA Marko, FIN
103. RANTANEN Joona, FIN
145. LEHTINEN Kasper, FIN
164. KYKKANEN Robert, FIN
165. PAHKALA Pyry, FIN
198 os.

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U20 tytöt ja pojat, henkilökohtainen kilpailu

Laupheim siirtyi Luxemburgiin!

HUOM: Kilpailu on mukana vuoden 2022 arvokilpailurankingissa.

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KUHTA, Marko (EM)

(HEINÄMAA, Akseli KAVE - osaanotto peruttu)

Ei osallistujia Suomesta

Suomen velvoitetuomarina toimii Jonny Korhonen. Lisäksi Ester Bálint toimii kilpailussa GBR joukkueen tuomarina.
Tuomarikustannus 70 eur/miekkailija.


Together :
Luxembourg’s Fencing Federation in collaboration with the German Fencing Federation has the pleasure to invite you to the JWC-Men’s and Women’s Epee to be held at the Centre National d’Escrime in Luxembourg-Limpersberg on December 4th and 5th.
We are convinced that it is crucial to organize junior’s competitions and hence our prime target is to offer an extraordinary competition in exceptional times.
The Covid19 pandemic isn’t over but we are convinced that with the measures put in place and with mutual respect we will prevail and have a quality event.

Covid rules :
Prior to entering Luxembourg we kindly ask you to check the restrictions in place.
We will apply FIE’s Formir on top of the FIE rules. All the participants MUST undergo a rapid antigen test (RAT) prior to entering the competition. These tests are free of charge thanks to the support of the FIE.
If you require additional tests kindly book them according to the procedure explained on our web site.

Hotel :
To follow the protocol put in place you are obliged to make your reservation through the official channel which is the form downloadable from the website. We kindly advise you that by not following this procedure you void every support linked to covid.

The competent authorities are about to recognize traveling to Luxembourg in order to participate in the world cups as essential. This will further relax the modalities to entering Luxembourg.

The government is also working on recognizing all the vaccines validated by the WHO for the Covidcheck process.


Ilmoittautumiset Ophardtin kautta 6.11. mennessä.

Kilpailu vaatii kansallisen kilpailulisenssin lisäksi FIE-lisenssin (miekkailun kv. lisenssipaketti) , molemmat tulee lunastaa 6.11.mennessä.

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