Heidi Walli valittu jatkokaudelle UIPM:n Masters työryhmään


UIPM:n tiedote 3.10.2016

To All UPM National federations:

Dear President,
Dear Secretary General,

Elections for the three members of the Masters' Commitee have been concluded on 30 September 2016. I am glad to announce the following persons as members of the new Masters' Committee:

- Mrs. Saleh from Egypt;
- Mrs. Walli from Finland; and
- Mr. Engerisser from Germany.

Please join me and the entire UIPM family in congratulating the new members of the Masters' Commitee and in wishing them well in their new position.

The UIPM EB, upon proposal of the President, will appoint the chairperson of the new Masters' Committee.

Best regards,
Shiny Fang
Secretary General



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